For over 18 years Vcshobbies has been providing quality American Made miniature machine tools and accessories from Sherline. We look for quality manufacturers that can supply excellent products at reasonable prices.

We strive to offer the most unique models available: Wedico & Vario’s Massive RC trucks and construction equipment. Sherline machine tools and Z scale trains.  I enjoy unique items and I believe our selection reflects my passion.

We do everything for you that we would do for a friend, including, when necessary, telling you if you are being unreasonable. Nobody is on commission here, and there are no sales targets built into anyone’s job description. We want to give you good advice and the best value, and thereby guarantee ourselves a low rate of product returns. It’s best for both of us if we get it right the first time around.

If you have a questions, call or email us!

If you want us to change something or to carry another product, let us know. We won’t ignore your comments. We have had a lot of good advice from customers over the years, and we appreciate it.

Reasonable prices, unique selection and fast shipping – welcome to VCShobbies

Anthony Pennacchio

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