New! Wedico Caterpillar D9T Dozer Track-Type Tractor Kit


Wedico Caterpillar D9T Dozer Track-Type Tractor Kit

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Wedico Caterpillar D9T Dozer Track-Type Tractor Kit

Wedico’s newest construction truck is the Caterpillar Wedico D9T Dozer. This beauty is manufactured from aluminum die-cast, aluminum metal sheets and high quality plastic components. It has a raised drive wheel, which works above the dirt area without any impact or lateral loads. It ensures great stability and safety against overturning when in use on embankments as well as possessing outstanding leveling features.

Caterpillar is the sole manufacturer of tractors with Delta Drive worldwide; with the same also applying to the D9T WEDICO functional model. The doors on the driver’s cab can be opened. The sound module and the LED lighting are included in the electrical equipment.

Base kit comes with :

  • Sound module and LED lighting
  • Battery


  • Powder coated finish
  • Length: app. 18.89″
  • Width: app. 7.87″
  • Height: app. 10.83″

*Options (additional fees apply)

-Assembled RTR: VCS Hobbies can professionally assemble, setup and test your incredible Wedico Caterpillar D9T Dozer model – we can setup the hydraulics, radio and servos – all you need to do is charge the battery and run! (Additional fees apply)

-Assembled RTR with Shark Ripper attachment

-JR 8 channel radio, battery and servos only

**all prices subject to change with fluctuation of the Euro. Packed tractor is MASSIVE, we will email you an invoice for any additional shipping costs.

***Allow 2-4 weeks for truck kit, allow 4-8 weeks for completed construction truck

Available in 2017 – Preorder Now!