Sherline 3001 – 110 VAC Power Feed


Sherline 3001 – 110 VAC Power Feed

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Sherline 3001 – 110 VAC Power Feed

Reducing the diameter of a long shaft or a long part can be a tedious task. Obtaining a good finish on such a part requires very steady movement of the cutting tool; something hard to achieve when feeding the tool by hand. For this reason, Sherline has developed a simple power feed attachment for the lathe.

It consists of a constant speed gear motor complete with “ON” and “OFF” switch, a simple, easy-to-install mounting bracket and an engagement mechanism that permits quick disengagement of the motor so that you can hand-feed the cutter whenever you desire. The power feed is from right to left at a constant (nonadjustable) speed of approximately .9″ (23mm) per minute.

P/N 3001 operates on 110 VAC.

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