Sherline 4400 Lathe Dust Cover 4151


Sherline 4400 Lathe Dust Cover 4151

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Sherline 4400 Lathe Dust Cover 4151

Lathe Dust Cover for the 4400 Sherline Lathe

Lathe Dust Cover

Fitted 6-mil vinyl dust covers are available for the two different size lathes. They extend the life of your machine and keep it looking like new by keeping it clean and dust-free when not in use. Keeping dust out of the working parts of a machine is always a good idea. If you do any grinding in the area of your machines it is even more important, as the grinding dust is particularly abrasive.

A red SHERLINE logo is printed on the front of each cover to proclaim the quality of the machine beneath whose owner thought enough of it to protect it from the elements. The lathe cover for the 4000 Sherline lathe is also available. This is sold separately. Keep your machines looking like new while adding a professional touch to your workshop.

Measures: 31” x 11.37”

Mill Covers

We also carry vertical mill vinyl dust covers.  Available covers include the Sherline 2000 mill cover. Additionally, we have the Sherline 5000 (5400 metric) mill cover.

P/N 5150 fits both the 5000-series and 5400-series manual mills. P/N 5151 fits the larger 2000-series 8-direction manual mill. They are not large enough to cover stepper motors installed on CNC machines.

Additional Useful Accessories

Outfit your workspace for maximum safety and efficiency. We carry safety glasses as well as chip guards. Regular glasses are not designed to withstand the impact of a flung piece of metal and can shatter, causing even more damage. Any time you are working with a cutting tool that is tearing hot bits of metal from a part, whether it is on the lathe or the mill, you should be wearing eye protection. Even when no tools are running, they help keep you from inadvertently wiping your eye with chips on your hand.

The chip guard mounts to the headstock and swings down over the faceplate or chuck. Made of tough, clear polycarbonate material, so you can see what you are doing and still be protected from flying chips. The guard swings easily out of the way for setups. It is not recommended as a replacement for safety glasses, but rather as an additional safety feature. It also helps keep your work area cleaner by containing chips in a smaller space

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