Taigen Tanks 1/16 Panzer IV Ausf G Metal Camo Infrared Edition 12094


Taigen Tanks 1/16 Panzer IV Ausf G Metal Camo Infrared Edition 12094


Taigen Tanks 1/16 Panzer IV Ausf G Metal Camo Infrared Edition 12094

1/16 Panzer IV Ausf G

This is the new and updated Panzer IV tank from Taigen! This Panzer IV has a new metal lower hull with a new easy open latch system, a new upper hull with working metal hatches, and new metal turret! The lower hull features new super tough stamped 2mm+ thick metal lower hull with our metal suspension system that is compatible with our older plastic edition tank’s drive wheels, suspension, road wheels, idlers, and tracks. This lower now has a new latch system which is now accessible from the bottom of the tank. The upper hull has also been reworked to add more details and strength as well as new working metal hatches. The turret has also been updated to a metal version, now has functional turret hatches on each side, includes a new metal cupola, and metal mantlet too.

The Taigen Tanks 1/16 Panzer IV infrared version comes with track recoil when firing. Each tank comes with an accessory kit, tank battery and charger, transmitter, smoke fluid, and manual.

Since this model uses Taigen’s V3 electronics you can also use your own 6 channel PWM capable hobby grade transmitter and receiver with this tank. Just follow the instructions in the manual on how to setup! Most brands are compatible, (Spektrum make sure you use a 5V receiver!). TBS Crossfire, FRSky, FlySky, Futaba, JR, etc have all been reported working perfectly with minimal to no setup.

The Panzer IV Metal Edition RC tank comes in a two tone camo paint scheme. This tank is RTR out of the box and the only thing you need to go out of the box is (x6) AA batteries. This Panzer IV features a steel gearbox (Middle/Low, 3:1, 48mm), solid metal chassis, metal suspension, metal drive wheels, metal idler wheels with bearings, metal road wheels with rubber tires, metal return rollers with rubber tires, metal caterpillar tracks, metal turret and mantlet, metal barrel, metal cupola, LED headlights, LED machine gun, smoke unit, sound system, and the all new Taigen 2.4GHz electronics system!


  • Gearboxes – V1 Steel (3:1, Mid/Low, 48mm)
  • Firing Unit Types – Infrared
  • Turret – Metal Turret with Metal Barrel
  • Upper Hull – Plastic
  • Lower Chassis – Solid Metal
  • Drive & Idler Wheels – Metal
  • Road Wheels – Metal w/Rubber Tires
  • Caterpillar Tracks – Metal
  • LEDs – Upper Hull and Turret MG & Headlight x 2
  • Suspension – Metal
  • Approximate Size: 16.1 x 7 x 6.7 Inches/41 x 18 x 17cm
  • Approximate Weight: 10.4lbs/4.7kgs


  • 1/16th Scale Taigen Tank
  • 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • V3 Taigen Electronics
  • 7.2V 2000mAh NIMH Battery
  • 7.2V Wall Charger
  • Accessory Kit w/ Smoke Fluid
  • x 1 IR Receiver

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 7 × 7 in

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