Vario John Deere Excavator 850 Kit


Vario John Deere RC 850 Excavator

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Vario John Deere RC Excavator 850

VCSHobbies Exclusive!!!

This is one of the most powerful RC excavator models in production today!  The 850 80 Ton John Deere model is massive.

Dimensions for the most demanding jobs: 55″ Long (max boom extended) 12″ wide 37″ Height (max boom extended height) 12″ High cab Weighing over 75lbs!!

This high quality radio controlled hydraulic excavator has a tremendous operating pressure up to 32 bar for those heavy lift jobs. Yea it’s expensive – but the difference between men and boys is the price of our toys!!! The undercarriage and upper base plate are made from solid laser cut steel parts.

The booms are made using a GFK / Metal composite construction. The arm of our excavator is very stable and relatively easy to assemble. The cylinders are prepared ready for mounting. The upper body moldings require little work to complete. The counterweight is hollow and can be filled with different weights to optimize the excavators’ lifting characteristics. We use an electrical slip ring between the controls in the top section and the undercarriage; this eliminates rotating cables and increases reliability.

All moving parts are equipped with special plain bearings which give extra protection against dust and dirt; this is especially a benefit on the guide rollers of the tracks. The slew ring components are CNC machined as are many other components of our excavator. The excavator comes with many scale details to achieve a model that’s a prototypical as possible to the full size machine.

Complete assembly instructions included – this is not a 10 minute build but a detailed construction project in itself – we suggest you have some RC model building experience. The build itself is challenging and exciting and once completed, you will have a colossal working show piece! We offer professional build and painting services for those that don’t have the time or expertise to construct this beauty – you will receive a fully working model ready to tackle your backyard or the dog! The model assembled model comes in the largest wooden box you will ever see! Your UPS driver will just love you!

CAUTION! This is a powerful, heavy RC model that can inflict injury if you try to attack family members or pets – of course we don’t advise young children to play with or near this monster unless supervised by an adult. We sell this model as a complete kit including servos, speed controllers, detail parts and motors – all parts are designed and specified specifically for this baby. 7 Channel Radio, battery and charger are sold separately.

Construction Companies & Promotional Companies

We have built many of these babies for construction companies in tier color scheme and logo for office display and as gifts to their best clients. We also have sent many units to promotional companies for their trade show events. Email us if you have a specific need.

Kit Includes:

  • Complete RC Excavator model (unpainted and unassembled)
  • 3 Servos
  • 3 Speed Controllers
  • 1 Brushless Controller for the hydraulics
  • Scale parts package (mirrors, grills, ladders, etc.)
  • Hydraulic fluid

Optional Radio Package includes 8 channel radio & servos Optional Battery Charger Package includes 106B charger and 250w power supply

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Additional information

Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 10 in