VcsHobbies Custom Models Botany Bay

Botany Bay

Theis kit has about 36 parts and measures 21.5 inches long, which is exactly half the size of the original studio filming model. There are some parts that need to be made by hand, such as the center section thrusters and the five panels on the back of the cargo containers. These parts are not included in the kit. It is interesting to note that the thrusters on the original model were actually made out of a dashboard bezel from a commercial car kit. The four rear antenna are simply resin rectangles that are textured to look like metal screens, so I went a step further by building my own version with actual metal to have that transparent effect like the original. In my opinion, it just looks more authentic and adds to the presentation and overall quality of the model.

This is great model for any Star Trek fan who enjoys a subject that is not available commercially. As with all resin garage kits, very few are made and are usually available only for a limited time.