Gold Medal Models 1/350 BUCKLEY/ENGLAND 350-38


Gold Medal Models – 1/350 – BUCKLEY/ENGLAND 350-38

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Gold Medal Models 1/350 BUCKLEY/ENGLAND 350-38

Includes: 1. Pre-shaped and pre-curved sections for main deck (for both fore and aft sections) with pre-positioned openings for chocks and a choice of netted rails or non-netted rails (netting is relief-etched integrally with the railings, so no gluing is needed to attach the nets), 2. pre-sized and correctly detailed rails for all remaining decks; and 3. Extra and alternate railing sections for modifying the superstructure to other configurations. Also furnished are vertical ladders; inclined ladders in two styles (one style for beginning modelers, the other style with twist-to-shape steps and complete with alignment jig for experts; extremely accurate SA radar; details for 20mm Oerlikons, 1.1″ machine guns, and 3″ 50 cal. gun mounts with gunsights, handwheels, seats, and other fittings as needed; full detailing for Mk. 10 Hedgehog launcher including projectiles and blast shield; depth charge tracks; K-gun loading racks with handling davits; boat rudders and davit details, Stokes battle casualty litters; floater net baskets; oars & see-through bottoms for life rafts; life raft racks in two styles; complete mast detailing including yardarm, ECM and D.F. antennas & optional fighting lights; bridge window frame; detailed bridge instrumentation; cable reels in two sizes; HF/DF antenna; replacement and highly accurate main deck spray shields; gun depression rails for the gun tubs; capstan brakewheel and anchor chains; watertight doors in several styles and in both open and closed configurations including attached coamings for the open versions. A detailed relief-etched figure of England’s Captain Walton B. Pendleton is also included.

Also provided are a selection of small fittings for expert modelers such as turnbuckles, eyebolts, porthole eyebrow gutters, and arbor heads for the K-gun launchers. Finally, for conversions to a Royal Navy “Captain”-class frigate, the set provides special depth charge stowage racks, an SG radar antenna, details for British ship’s boats, and a HF/DF antenna.

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