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GMM’s new Sovremenny set is unique in that it supplies both
early and late mainmasts as well as highly accurate replicas of all
three air search radars carried by various ships of this class: The
Top Steer, Top Plate, and Plate Steer radars. Also included are
Palm Frond radars (three plus one spare), a complete foremast
platform and yardarm assembly, numerous perforated platforms,
deployed and folded helicopter rotors, details for the ship’s
boats, and a wide assortment of ECM and direction finding

Also included is a full set of custom-fitted main deck railing
with the correct number and placement of stanchions plus openings
for chocks; specialized railing sections for other areas of the
ship; two accommodation ladders; a full set of watertight doors in
two styles; correct four-blade screws for replacing the incorrect
five-blade plastic screws supplied in the kit; flagstaff and
jackstaff; inclined and vertical ladders; helicopter deck safety
nets; and a pre-shaped helicopter deck landing net. A precision
drilling jig is also supplied to assist in the locating of the
raised rail that anchors the outer edges of the landing net.

This set will allow a modeler to configure the Trumpeter kit
into any version of the Russian Sovremenny destroyer class. It also
features extensive 3-D relief etching in .005″ brass for extra
detail as well as extra fine railings and antennas. SEE PHOTOS

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