Gold Medal Models 1/350 WW2 LIBERTY SHIP 350-31 Photoetch


Gold Medal Models 1/350 WW2 LIBERTY SHIP 350-31

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Gold Medal Models 1/350 WW2 LIBERTY SHIP 350-31

Photoetched details providing parts for Trumpeter’s 1/350 scale Jeremiah O’Brien Liberty Ship kit. Parts for both the S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien and S.S. John W. Brown are included as well as additional parts for still more variants.

The railings (measuring the correct 42 scale inches tall) are entirely custom-fitted to every deck on the entire ship and will require no cutting to length or tedious fitting. Two lengths of additional generic railing with two different stanchion spacings (48″ and 72″) are also being provided for custom work or modifications.

Also included in this new set: two complete and distinctive sets of custom fitted stern railings, open bridge platforms with sunshades and related equipment, plus special life raft racks for both the S.S. Jeremiah O/Brien and S.S. John W. Brown; after steering station with helm and related equipment; replacement bulwark and stanchion assemblies for the sides of the lower superstructure; correct pattern inclined and vertical ladders; lifeboat davits with simulated rigging that can be assembled in stowed or deployed positions; boat davit rigging reels; lifeboat oars, rudders, propellers, and stowage chocks; simulated wooden cabin doors in two styles; watertight doors in five styles with open and closed versions of each; six styles of deck hatches; a full set of detailed skylight covers in two sizes; two accommodation ladders with rigging that can be assembled in stowed or deployed configurations; one leadsman’s platform with brace and simulated chain rails; detailed pulley bock assemblies in four styles including two styles for heavy lift blocks; ammunition handling davits; large and small cable reels; gunsights, seats, rails, armor, and related details for all ship’s armament; grilles for cowl vents; simulated wooden grating for both bridge wings; mast top platforms, rigging fittings, and lookout platform with positionable access hatch; potato bins in two sizes with positionable access slats; four Stokes litters; twelve life preservers; oil tank vents in three styles; simulated anchor chains with hawse pipes; correct pattern cargo hooks in two styles; eight fire hose racks; replacement bilge keels with correct dimensions and detailing plus a drilling jig to aid in installation; late war antenna mast; “mersig” convoy signal light mast; two screw hub spanner wrenches in two sizes; detailed turnbuckles in two sizes (one size for the lower ends of the mast shrouds); and a set of eyebolts for securing rigging to decks and bulwarks. Extra parts of many of the smaller fittings are also provided in the event of loss or damage.

Extensive assistance in the form of photographs, drawings, and detailed dimensions has been provided on the design of this set by active duty crew members of the real Liberty Ships Jeremiah O’Brien and John W. Brown.

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