Gold Medal Models – 1/700 SOVIET CRUISER/DESTROYER 700-9


Gold Medal Models – 1/700 SOVIET CRUISER/DESTROYER 700-9

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Gold Medal Models – 1/700 SOVIET CRUISER/DESTROYER 700-9

This revised 700-9 set will equip the Skywave kits of the Krivak-class frigates, Sovremenny-class and Udaloy-class destroyers, and the Pit-Road/Trumpeter and Dragon kits of the Kirov-class battlecruisers. Special dedicated parts are provided for both Pit-Road/Trumpeter and Dragon kits of the Kirovs due to slight differences in the moldings. This latest version of the 700-9 is vastly improved and much larger than the original version and outstrips all other Soviet warship fittings sets in terms of technical accuracy, completeness of detail, and ease of assembly. 3-D relief etching is being used to add details such as reinforcing gussets on masts, frames on backs of solid radar screens, multi-level grilles on open-grid radars, watertights doors, and so on. Carefully designed fold lines make complex parts easy to form to final shape such as masts, yardarms, radars, and other fittings.

A wide variety of Soviet/Russian radars are included, and these incorporate a number of new antennas never before available from any manufacturer. These include the following (all listed as NATO code names): Top Pair, Top Steer, Top Plate, Plate Steer, Palm Frond, Strut Pair, Head Net “C”, Pop Group, and Cross Sword. Multiple sets of the last five radars are furnished. GMM’s Russian radars are now the most accurate and most detailed ever produced in any scale thanks to excellent photos of the prototypes we’ve managed to acquire. Other items being included are railings in various styles, special flight deck netting for all ships requiring them, highly detailed masts, yardarms, helicopter details, ECM & other antennas in a wide variety of styles, plus much more.

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