Gold Medal Models – 1/700 – WWII BRITISH WARSHIP 700-6


Gold Medal Models – 1/700 – WWII BRITISH WARSHIP 700-6

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Gold Medal Models – 1/700 – WWII BRITISH WARSHIP 700-6

Railing for several classes of warships including pre-curved rails for upswept bows; vertical and inclined ladders; detailed cranes w/rigging for Hood, Rodney, Nelson, King George V-class, Town-class cruisers, Renown & Repulse; aircraft catapults for Hood and Rodney; derrick rigging; funnel cap grilles for KGV-class, Hood, Rodney/Nelson, Repulse, Warspite, Belfast, Norfolk/Suffolk, and O-class destroyers; rigging and oars for ship’s boats; search and fire control radar antennas of several types; details for anti-aircraft guns; details for Fairey and Supermarine Walrus seaplanes; sternwalk railings for older battleships; depth charge racks for O-class destroyers; yardarm footropes for several classes of ships; mast supports for Nelson; King George V degaussing cable; and D.F. antenna. Also includes specifically sized parts for both Tamiya and Italeri Hood kits.


Fits Tamiya kits of King George V, Prince of Wales, Hood, Rodney, and Nelson, plus Italeri Hood, and SkyWave Onslow destroyer. Can also be used on other makers’ plastic kits as well as resin kits in the same scale. This set will fully equip up to three kits of different classes.

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