Strataderm Scar Therapy Gel


Strataderm Scar Therapy Gel

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Strataderm Scar Therapy Gel

Great for pregnant cesarean scars! Strataderm is designed for all skin types. It is suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, children or people with sensitive skin. Strataderm is easy to use – just once a day or after each wash. For best results, Strataderm should stay in continuous contact with the skin (24 hours a day/7 days a week).

Step 1: prepare skin – ensure skin I s clean and dry.

Step 2: Apply Strataderm, Apply a very thin layer of Strataderm to the relevant areas with your fingertips and distribute evenly. Strataderm does not penetrate the skin.

Step 3: Allow the gel to dry. When applied correctly, Strataderm should be dry in 3–4 minutes. If it takes longer to dry you have probably applied too much. Gently remove any excess gel with a tissue or paper towel and allow the drying process to continue. Remember: a little amount of gel goes a long way.

Step 4: You are ready to go! Once dry, Strataderm can be covered with clothes, sunscreen or cosmetics.


Is Strataderm suitable to use for children?
Strataderm is suitable to use for children. It is completely biocompatible, non-reactive and intended to be used for both, children and people with sensitive skin.

Does Strataderm have any odor?
No, Strataderm is odorless.

Is Strataderm suitable to use during pregnancy?
Strataderm is suitable to use during pregancy for the mother and the unborn child.

Is Strataderm effective on all skin types?
Strataderm is effective on all skin types.

Will Strataderm damage my hair?
Strataderm will not damage your hair. It does not affect your hair in any way.

Does Strataderm have an expiry date? I cannot find this information on my tube.
Strataderm has an expiry date of five years after manufacturing. This date is imprinted on every box (side flap) and tube (end seal) in the format year-month (e.g. EXP 2018-09 or 13-09). The expiry date does not change once the tube is opened.

Is there any sun protection in Strataderm?
No. However you can apply a sun protection or cosmetics on top of Strataderm, once it is completely dry.

How long will it take for my scar to improve?
The recommended minimum treatment time is 60–90 days. Larger and older scars may take longer. Continuous use is recommended if no improvement is seen after the initial 90 days.

When can I start to apply Strataderm after surgery?
You can start to apply Strataderm after the stitches have been removed.

Would it be better to use surgical tape over Strataderm?
There is no need to use tape over Strataderm. If the scar is on an area of the body that may get bumped and scraped, cover it with gauze or a pad.

Can Strataderm be used on eyelids?
Yes. Strataderm goes through an evaporation process during the drying phase which may cause the eyes to sting temporarily. This stinging will cause no harm. Please do not apply Strataderm directly in the eye.

What do I do if Strataderm gets into my eyes?
If Strataderm enters the eyes it will cause some stinging but will do no harm. Wash out your eyes with an eye wash solution or tap water. Most importantly, use a generous amount of water to ensure Strataderm is completely flushed out of the eyes. If irritation occurs consult your doctor.

Can Strataderm be used on the lips?
Strataderm can be used on the lips, but not inside the mouth. Strataderm may need to be applied more frequently when used on the lips.

Can I use Strataderm and a moisturizer at the same time, few hours between them, to treat a scar on long term treatment?
For best results Strataderm should be in contact with your skin 24 hours/day; 7 days / week.
Products, such as Strataderm, are the consensus gold standard in dermatology for treatment of abnormal scars and should be used alone. Hydrating creams have not shown consistent data in clinical efficacy.

Should I use a moisturizer after applying Strataderm?
No. It is not necessary because Strataderm forms a barrier for your scar that maintains the skin’s moisture.

What is the best method to apply Strataderm? Should I rub Strataderm into my scar?
Strataderm should be applied gently as a very thin coat on the affected area. The area should be clean and dry. Strataderm will stay on top of the skin, therefore rubbing is not required and will not increase the effectiveness.

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