T Gauge 250mA 5V Decoder E-DCC1


T Gauge 250mA 5V Decoder E-DCC1

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250mA 5V Locomotive Decoder with 4 Amplified Functions and 1 Logic Output

The T Gauge 250mA 5V Decoder E-DCC1 currently does NOT operate from the standard TGauge controllers. However, The DCX65 is fully NMRA compatible and can therefore be used with all systems that use the NMRA-DCC data format eg Digitrax, Lenz, LGB, Uhlenbrock, Zimo, Roco ‘digital is cool’, MERG etc.
The locomotive decoder DCX65 is suitable for all 3-8V DC and AC motors in T to N locomotives. The maximum total load must not exceed 250mA. The DCX65 offers high-frequency 16kHz or 32kHz motor control for Faulhaber engines. Alternatively, infinitely adjustable 30-150 Hz are available for traditional motors.
The DCX65 also offers either 14, 28 or 128 speed steps, load balancing, full address space from 1 to 10240 and the ability to program on the main track ‘on-the-fly’.
  • Fully NMRA compatible (DCC data format)
  • DCC data format
  • Full “function mapping” according to NMRA arrangement
  • Function outputs separately dimmable
  • Dimming frequency 1.2 kHz
  • Automatic decoupling, timing for digital clutch,
  • American lighting effects such as flashing, dimming, blinking in push-pull, single pulse strobe, double strobe, flashing headlight, left ditch light, right ditch light Rotary beacon, Gyralite, Mars Light, soft-start (slow flicker of functions)
  • Full address space 1-10240
  • Maneuvering function showcases mode, one button shunting, decreased backward speed ……
  • Evaluation of chain impulses via F1 or F4
  • Free speed characteristic CV67-CV94
  • Optimized load balancing (P and I controllers)
  • High frequency motor control 16kHz or 32kHz
  • Low frequency motor control from 30 to 150 Hz selectable
  • 5th generation decoder, dynamic load control
  • 250 mA motor current
  • Digital or analogue operation
  • Programming ‘on the fly’
  • Hard reset to reset the CV values to factory settings
  • User CV’s for storing personal data
  • Brakes with asymmetrical signal (diode ratio 1: 4)
  • Fully programmable with Lokmäuse (also values and CVs up to 255)
  • Reliable motor overload protection, additional outputs are not protected against over current
  • 2 CVs groups freely selectable (for own or foreign applications)

Technical specifications:

All outputs of the receiver are powered by an internal bridge rectifier, which allows a maximum total current of 250mA. Motor and function outputs must therefore not exceed the total current of the permissible rectifier total current.
  • Rail voltage 7-21 v
  • Maximum motor current – peak (3s) 400mA
  • Maximum motor current – duration 250mA
  • Maximum current of the function outputs 250mA
  • Maximum total current of the decoder – duration 250mA
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 6 x 5 x 1.8 mm
  • Operating temperature- 20 to + 80 C
The DCX65 is only 6 x 5 x 1.8 mm in size and can therefore be installed in many Z, T and N locomotives without the need for elaborate milling work. The connecting wires are highly flexible color-coded stranded cables.

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