Gold Medal Models 1/350 BORODINO/VARYAG 350-36 Photoetch


Gold Medal Models 1/350 BORODINO/VARYAG 350-36

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Gold Medal Models 1/350 BORODINO/VARYAG 350-36

This is a two-in-one detailing set. It provides two complete sets of accurate custom railing sections for both ships (Borodino-class battleships and the cruiser Varyag). No cutting or guessing will be necessary for a precise fit! The only exception is a small quantity of two-bar railing for Borodino’s bridge area. This allows for changes in the ship’s appearance from one member of the class to another. In addition, custom fitted inclined ladders, captain’s walks with awning frames, skylight covers, bridge equipment, watertight doors, ship’s screws, funnel cap grilles, boat oars & rudders, and yardarm footropes for both ships are included. For the two different ships, bow and stern crests, 3-D relief-etched thwarts for ship’s open boats, gun armor, anti-torpedo net shelves for Borodino, and accommodation ladders, awning stanchions, and 3-D relief etched boat davits for Varyag are provided. Additional small fittings such as turnbuckles, eyebolts, coaling scuttles, and more are supplied for advanced detailing.

The instruction sheet provides assembly procedures for Borodino-class battleships on one side and similar information for the cruiser Varyag on the reverse side.

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