Gold Medal Models 1/350 HOOD 350-37 Photoetch


Gold Medal Models 1/350 HOOD 350-37

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Gold Medal Models 1/350 HOOD 350-37

This set is custom designed for the Trumpeter HMS Hood kit and contains the following items: custom fitted and pre-shaped main deck railing with pre-positioned cutouts for chocks, diagonal braces, & turnbuckle detailing; pre-sized specialized railing in all the correct styles for upper decks with diagonal braces, turnbuckle detailing, & simulated canvas covering where necessary; extra lengths of matching 2-bar & 3-bar railing for custom work; correct size vertical ladders; watertight doors in the correct sizes and in two styles including open and closed versions; inclined ladders in all required sizes with detailed footplates; specialized inclined ladders with platform braces for Admiral’s Cabin; detailed Admiral’s Cabin window covers; “HOOD” nameplate letters with alignment jig; highly accurate Type 279 and Type 284 radar antennas; boat crane rigging and hooks in choice of stowed and working positions; small crane rigging; details for 2 pdr Pom-Pom guns including elevation rings, gunsights, ammo box covers, & pre-shaped guardrails; detailed side panels for 4″ .45 cal. guns & .50 cal. machine gun mounts; pre-shaped see-through screens for all intake uptakes; paddles plus see-through bottoms for life rafts; highly detailed replacement yardarms in the correct shapes for both masts; funnel cap grilles for both funnels; rudders, oars, & 3-D relief-etched fold-to-shape crutches (chocks) for all ship’s boats; details for davits, griping spars, & jumping nets for two seaboats; detailed awning stanchions in bipod and tripod styles with matching drilling jigs for both; fold-to-shape cable reels in three sizes; anchor chain capstan brakewheels; replacement aerial spreaders; two leadsman’s platforms; ladder well railings; two quarterdeck hatches with fold-to-shape canvas cover frames; four accommodation ladders with detailed davits, rigging, and footplates with the name “HOOD” embossed in surface; three anchor hawsepipe cover screens; highly accurate replacement degaussing cable with correct shapes and clip arrangement including full-size drawings for modifying raised plastic hull plating above hawsepipes to the correct shape; pre-shaped Jacobs ladders for boat booms. Extra turnbuckles, eyebolts, & handwheels are provided for custom work. A detailed 3-D relief-etched figure of VADM L. E. Holland is also included.  Numerous spare parts are furnished in the event of loss or damage.

This set will provide nearly all the fittings required to completely detail the Trumpeter kit. A second add-on Gold PLUS Hood detail set (No. 350-37A) is also available for experts wishing to add a higher level of detail or wanting to “back-date” the Trumpeter kit into an earlier version.

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