Gold Medal Models 1/350 WW 2 BUCHANAN/GLEAVES-CLASS DESTROYER Photoetch Set 350-45



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Gold Medal Models 1/350 WW 2 BUCHANAN/GLEAVES-CLASS DESTROYER Photoetch Set  350-45

This set has been designed to fit Dragon’s USS Buchanan/Gleaves-class destroyer in 1/350 scale.

The set includes a pre-shaped set of relief-etched netted main deck rails custom-sized to precisely fit the Dragon kit. A full set of standard rails for the upper decks in several styles, included simulated canvas-covered types, are also provided.

Additional items supplied: Vertical and inclined ladders; depth charges roller racks; K-gun loading racks & handling davits; 40mm and 20mm anti-aircraft gun details; see-through life raft bottoms and life raft paddles; propeller guards; precisely fitted funnel footrails and handrails for both funnels; boat details and rigging; mast and yardarm details; a pair of pilot house lookout platforms; Mk. 12, Mk. 22, SA, SC, SC-2, and SG radars; ECM antennas for post-WW2 variants; Stokes litters; watertight doors; floater net baskets; life preservers, antenna brackets; simulated anchor chains; capstan brake wheels and assorted control wheels; replacement latticework for aft searchlight tower; jackstaff and flagstaff; eyebolts and turnbuckles for superdetailing rigging; figure of fictional character LCDR Philip Francis Queeg from the novel & film The Caine Mutiny.

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