Gold Medal Models – 1/700 – SARATOGA 700-34


Gold Medal Models – 1/700 – SARATOGA 700-34

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Gold Medal Models – 1/700 – SARATOGA 700-34

1/700 – SARATOGA

Specialized railing in several styles with numerous pre-shaped and pre-sized sections for ease of installation; watertight doors & pre-sized rails for tops of 8″ gun turrets; pre-sized safety railing for the No. 2 elevator; fold-to-shape inclined ladders in several sizes; vertical ladders; watertight doors in two correct styles with open and closed options; D.F. loop antennas; pre-sized and correctly patterned safety rails and safety nets for the flight deck; structural supports for several areas of the ship; details for aircraft and ship’s boats; boat chocks in two sizes; two-position flight deck palisades (windbreak) with correct number of panels; replacement yardarms with doublers; pilot house equipment; funnel cap grilles; cable reels in two styles; funnel boat deck braces; details for 5″ 25 caliber antiaircraft guns; arresting gear sheaves and barricade supports; and correct three-bladed screws for the ship’s four propeller shafts. Fits the Trumpeter kit.

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