Paragrafix Proteus Photoetch/Decals Set PGX205


Paragrafix 1/32 Scale Proteus Photoetch/Decals Set- PGX205


Paragrafix Proteus Photoetch/Decals Set PGX205

Update every control panel on Moebius Models’ new Proteus Submarine kit from the classic SF film “Fantastic Voyage”.

In addition to all of the control panels (all that light in the movie set can be lit*), this photoetch set also contains:

  • Backlight films to simulate the various lit gauges and displays.
  • Two styles of air vents so the builder can decide to use the easier, less accurate ones or the two part, very accurate ones.
  • The missing “elevator buttons” panel.
  • Templates to create more accurate front interior sidewalls.
  • Cabinet doors for the laboratory area, including an alternate set if the builder fixes the length of one cabinet.
  • Window frames with rivets for the laboratory’s exterior window frames.
  • Frames with rivets for the rudder.
  • Replacement rudder that can be positioned (one time only).
  • Tracks (non-working) for the airlock door, plus replacement airlock door handles.
  • Open-holed area for the map cabinet.
  • Foot pedals for the pilot’s station.
  • Two versions of the laboratory’s faucet.
  • Light masking panel for the “ring lights” around the cockpit with easy-to-bend etched pattern.

* Electronics not included.

FOR KIT: Moebius 963


Additional information

Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in