Rokuhan Z Scale R051 PC Curved Track R195 30 Degree Concrete


Rokuhan Z Scale R051 PC Curved Track R195 30 Degree Concrete

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Rokuhan Z Scale R051 PC Curved Track R195 30 Degree Concrete

PC type (gray color) track, 6 pcs per pack.

  • 195mm Radius   ⇔   7-43/64″ Radius
  • 30 Degrees Arc
  • Concrete Ties
  • Requires 12 sections to make a full circle

Features of Rokuhan Track

  1. Roadbed track with 6.5mm track gauge
  2. Nickel silver rail is used due to its excellent electrical conductivity. (Some track parts are stainless steel)
  3. The rail joiners can be easily changed if they are damaged
  4. Special ordered “H” shaped rails are used
  5. To reduce the electric resistance, the cross-sectional area of the rail has been widened
  6. Every section of straight track has a power feed point. Your engine will run better if you feed power to several points
  7. Every Power feed point has a cover which maintains the track’s appearance when you are not using a power feed point
  8. The facing surfaces to wheel tire tread and the top of the rail are widened. This helps the grip of wheels and traction tires to be stronger
  9. Our lineup was started with our “Classic track” series which simulates track with wooden ties. This series matches older type of trains

Additional information

Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 2 in