White Ensign Models 1/350 Kirov Class Heavy Missile Cruiser Photoetch Enhancement Parts


White Ensign Models 1/350 Kirov Class Heavy Missile Cruiser Photoetch Enhancement Parts

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White Ensign Models 1/350 Kirov Class Heavy Missile Cruiser Photoetch Enhancement Parts

White Ensign Models 1/350 Kirov Class Missile Cruiser Photoetch Enhancement Parts.

The White Ensign models Photoetch add-ons makes your model ship museum quality.

Kirov Class Missile Cruiser is designed for the Trumpeter kits.

This is similar to Gold Medal Models (GMM) 350-46 Kirov Class Battlecruiser but White Ensign Models (WEM) includes more details for a more realistic model.

This set contains:

  • Anchor Chain
  • Stock Vertical Ladder (Narrow)
  • Stock Vertical Ladder (Wide)
  • Helicopter Rotors (Folded)
  • Helicopter Rotors (Spread)
  • Helicopter Rotor Doubles
  • Helicopter Control Linkages
  • Mainmast Top Platform
  • Foremast Light Cluster
  • ‘Top Pair’ Radar Antenna Mountings
  • Mainmast Platform Supports (Late)
  • Propeller Guards
  • Bridge ‘Tin Man’ Platform Supports
  • Crane Jib Side Plat
  • Crane Rigging Cables
  • Inclined Ladders Q28
  • Inclined Ladders Q22
  • Inclined Ladders Q29
  • Life Raft Cannister Racks

More detail set below:

  • Antenna Support Doubles
  • Antenna Mast Front
  • Mainmast Antenna Support (Late)
  • Antennas Support Doubles
  • Mainmast Platform Support Support Fillets
  • Mainmast Platform Supports (Late)
  • Ship’s Name Letters
  • Amidships Whip Antenna Masts
  • ‘Top Steer’ Radar Antenna Mountings
  • Flight Deck Safety Nets
  • Fore Deck Light Mast
  • Missile Loading Gantry
  • Mainmast Antenna Mast (Late)
  • Communications Antenna Assembly
  • Flight Deck Net
  • Signal Gantry Supports
  • Signal Gantry Assembly
  • DF Antenna Walkway Supports
  • Signal Gantry Rear Frame
  • Accommodation Ladder Stowage
  • Accommodation Ladder Steps
  • Accommodation Ladder Rails
  •  Life Raft Canister Stowage Racks
  • Railings 4-Bar Main Deck
  • Railings 3-Bar Stock
  • Railings 2-Bar Platform
  • Railings 2-Bar Low
  • Railings 2-Bar Director Platform
  • Handrails
  • Deck Edge Railing
  • Railings ‘Top Dome’ Director Platform Aft
  • Stern Nameplates ‘KIROV’
  • Railings Inner Well
  • Railings ‘Roundhouse’ Platforms
  • Railings Quarterdeck/Fantail
  • Railings Mack Top Platform
  • Railings Mack Side Platforms
  •  Railings Mack Side Platforms
  • Railings Mack Side Platforms
  • Railings Mainmast Platforms Port
  • Railings Mainmast Platforms Starboard
  • Railings Mainmast Top Platform
  • UHF Antenna Assembly
  • Bridge Roof DF Antenna (Alternate)

Accordingly, we suggest you purchase our Photoetch Bender Tools for easy assembly.

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