Z Trains Z Scale Brick Ramp And Platform Set (2 Piece Set) ZTR-130


Z Trains Z Scale Brick Ramp And Platform Set (2 Piece Set) ZTR-130

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Z Scale Brick Ramp, Platform Set (2 Piece Set) ZTR-130

Z Trains cast accessories come in their natural gray gypsum color. We’ve included painted and weathered version images here to represent suggested color schemes.

Nothing like a loading ramp and freight platform to add a little character to any scene! This ramp and platform set will work nicely in a team track setting or in one of my favorites, an abandoned spur setting.

The 3D brickwork is from Monster Modelworks and is laser engraved so we actually have bricks of different heights, nicely simulating aged brick.

The tops of the ramp and platform have been given a slightly rough and patched look, you can give it a gray color wash to simulate concrete, paint it flat black for asphalt or add your own soil for a very rural look. Since the ramp and platform are separate pieces, you can arrange them to suit your scene.

Our castings come in their natural gray color. These pieces are cast using a high strength modified gypsum and then oven cured for maximum strength. We suggest applying a light coat of flat white spray primer to act as a sealing coat to your model. By applying a light coat of primer before you add your colors and weathering, you ensure yourself an even and stable color “canvas” for your paint, washed and weathering.

Product Details:

  • Material: Abutments are cast in high strength gypsum and oven cured for maximized durability.
  • Color: Natural gray gypsum color.
  • Ramp: 3″ long | .6″ wide | .34″ high
  • Platform: 1.45″ long | .9″ wide | .34″ high

Shown are two examples of painted and finished pieces. Paint is not included.

Additional information

Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in