Paragrafix Space: 1999 22 inch Eagle 1/48 Photoetch Set PGX199


Paragrafix Space: 1999 Eagle 1/72 Scale Photoetch Set PGX199

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Paragrafix Space: 1999 22 inch Eagle 1/48 Scale Photoetch Set PGX199

Space: 1999 Eagle Photoetch Set PGX199

Add exciting new details to the huge 22″ long Eagle Transporter kit from MPC!

This huge 5.6 x 8.5 inch set includes:

  • Window frames for the cockpit windows to make painting a snap.
  • Comes with two alternate frames for the lower windows that do not include the through holes.
  • Clear plastic sheet for distortion free views of the cockpit (enough to do the passenger pod windows as well).
  • Two sets of doors for the passageway between the cockpit and the forward cage area – one set fits the existing (screen-accurate) kit part, while the other is larger to simulate a more normal size door and matches the one inside the cockpit.
  • Two sets of straps for attaching the spine to the cages – one set has simulated nuts and bolts while the other includes through holes to allow the use of tiny jeweler’s screws (screws not included).
  • Replacement clamps for the cockpit area.
  • Replacement “scissors” for the passenger pod landing gear.
  • BONUSES: Moonbase Alpha logos as used in the first and second season, Eagle identification numbers, the “AA&qruot; Alpha door logo.


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Dimensions 6 × 8 × 1 in