Paragrafix Star Trek Refit Enterprise Photoetch Set 1:350 PGX111


Paragrafix Star Trek Refit Enterprise Photoetch Set 1:350 PGX111

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Paragrafix Star Trek Refit Enterprise Photoetch Set 1:350 PGX111

Inspired by the impending release of the Polar Lights TOS Enterprise kit, ParaGrafix has revisited one of it’s first products, improving it with techniques acquired since the design was first made and reference images that have come to light.

Among the improvements are:

  • NEW: Arboretum Walls*
  • NEW: Cargo Pods*
  • NEW: Space-Energy Field Attraction Sensors*
  • UPDATED: Impulse Engine Grills* **
  • IMPROVED: Folding parts are easier to work with and generally can be assembled with finger pressure — no tool required
  • NEW TECHNOLOGY: ShadowCasters™ are now printed on high quality self-diffusing backlight film
  • New instructions
  • Pricing remains the same as it did for the original design

Other items include:

  • Crew — standing singles, and pairs
  • Girders and railings for the shuttlebay, including pieces to hide the seams at the two “steps”
    Shuttlebay doors
  • The lighted ring around the deflector dish
  • The rec deck — in forced perspective so that it actually fits within the available space and looks correct
  • The airlock that Kirk exits through in ST:TMP — with the option for an open or closed outer hatch
  • Work bee add—ons: two cargo sleds and two sets of work arms**
  • Properly sized airlock doors
  • Hatches for the Vulcan shuttles, and transport pods**
  • Gangway door for the port side of the primary hull
  • End caps for the warp engines
  • Window frames for the rec deck, officers lounge, and arboretum

* These parts are included on the 1/350 REFIT Supplemental Photoetch Set (PF166). You do not need to purchase that set if you purchase this one.

** These parts suitable for use with either the original kit parts or the upgraded items available from Don’s Light and Magic

FOR KIT: Polar Lights 4204, PL808

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