Paragrafix U.S.S. Franklin Photoetch Set PGX212


Paragrafix U.S.S. Franklin Photoetch Set PGX212

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Paragrafix U.S.S. Franklin Photoetch Set PGX212

Super-detail the new U.S.S. Franklin kit from Moebius Models. This 0.010” photoetched brass set includes:

  • Detailed, lightable* bridge interior, including the option of incorporating the edge-lit steps leading down to the helm/navigation station.
  • All visible bridge stations and chairs. (Duplicates included in event of loss or damage.)
  • Lightable thrusters in two different styles.
  • Primary hull window drilling templates to correct the oval kit windows. (If the builder wishes, he/she can simply install the templates as they incorporate etched-in panel lines.
  • Registry name and numbers in the correct typeface and proper depth. (Includes the alternate “U.S.S. Frank Lin” name which is used in the bridge commission plaque.)
  • Alternate engraved registries and numbers for other ships of this class.
  • Display stand lettering for U.S.S. Franklin in the registry typeface.
  • Three Star Fleet division insignia in the “Kelvin timeline” style.

For: Moebius Models® #975

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Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 6 in