Sherline 1203 Adjustable Tailstock Tool Holder


Sherline 1203 Adjustable Tailstock Tool Holder

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Sherline 1203 Adjustable Tailstock Tool Holder

By making your own custom split collet with a 5/8″ outside diameter, this part can hold almost any tool you wish to adapt to it. A set screw tightens on the split collet to hold the tool in place. It is also used to hold the collet adapter, P/N 2085.

Much like the adjustable live center, holding a tool in perfect alignment in the tailstock without some method of adjusting it can be difficult or impossible. To achieve perfect centering, the tool is mounted to a front plate. The rear plate has the #0 Morse taper that goes in the tailstock spindle. Slightly oversize holes in the rear plate allow the two plates to be adjusted in relationship to each other so that the tool can be brought into perfect alignment with the headstock. This is an economical way to have the accuracy of an adjustable tailstock for those who need it while keeping costs down for those who don’t.

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