Sherline 1291 Spacer Block Kit


Sherline 1291 Spacer Block Kit


Sherline 1291 Spacer Block Kit

A 3.5″ (90 mm) diameter part is the largest part that can be
accommodated in the standard Sherline lathe. Yet, occasionally it
may be necessary to work on something larger. The Sherline
headstock spacer block increases the maximum working diameter of
the lathe to 6″ (152mm). P/N 1291 includes a 1-1/4″ (32 mm) spacer
block to fit under the lathe headstock and a riser rocker tool post
that raises the cutting tool by a corresponding amount. This useful
accessory greatly expands the capability of the lathe.

If you wish to turn parts between centers with the headstock
riser in place, you will also need to raise the tailstock the same
amount. The P/N 1292 tailstock riser block was developed for this

NOTE: While parts up to 6″ in diameter can be turned with the
spacer block kit in place, it should be remembered that the
horsepower of the lathe has not been increased a corresponding
amount. Spacer blocks are intended for easy-to-machine materials or
for an occasional job requiring more clearance. If the work you
intend to do is consistently of a size that requires spacer blocks,
you might want to consider a larger lathe.

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Weight 4 lbs