Sherline 3.1″ 4-Jaw Chuck with Pie Jaws 1076C-PIE


Sherline 3.1″ 4-Jaw Chuck with Pie Jaws 1076C-PIE


Sherline 3.1″ 4-Jaw Chuck with Pie Jaws 1076C-PIE

Chuck with Pie Jaws

Includes a steel dowel pin, hex key, and 2 tommy bars, not pictured.

First developed by watch and clock makers, chucks with pie shaped jaws offer two main advantages. Boring the unhardened jaws to hold a particular diameter part means that instead of gripping the part at only three or four tiny contact points, they grip the part all the way around its diameter. This chuck features a Nickel-Teflon coated chuck body for durability, rust resistance, and the special lubricity properties added by the Teflon in the coating.

Better Grip

This increased gripping area allows for much less clamping pressure and less chance of deforming a gear or other delicate part held in the chuck. In addition, because the face is bored to an exact and consistent depth, placing additional parts in the chuck for turning or milling means each part surface is held at exactly the same depth as the previous parts, saving setup time.

Included with Chuck and Pie Jaws

Included with the chuck and jaws is a 1/4″ x 1″ steel dowel pin that is used to adjust the jaws during installation and to chuck up on while boring and turning the jaws. Also included is a 1/8″ hex key for tightening the 5-40 x 3/8″ jaw mounting screws and two spindle or “Tommy” bars for loosening and tightening the chuck.

Note: These jaws are for the Sherline nickel/boron coated chuck P/N 1076C only.

  • Chuck Diameter: 3.1″
  • Jaw Capacity: With jaws in normal position: 3/32″ (2mm) – 1-1/2″ (38mm). With jaws in reverse position: 3/32″ (2mm) – 2-3/4″ (70mm)
  • Through Hole Diameter: .687″ (17mm)
  • Thread Size: 3/4-16
  • Chuck Body Material: 12L14 Steel
  • Chuck Jaws Material: 12L14 Case Hardened Steel
  • Coating (#1076C only)Electroless Nickel-Teflon (#1076C only)

Because the jaws are to be bored to size for particular jobs, eventually you will have to replace them. Simply replace with P/N 1143-4P on your existing 1076C Nickel-Teflon coated chuck body and master jaws. They are NOT for use on the standard 1076 chuck body.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in