Sherline 3200 – Indexing Attachment


Sherline 3200 – Indexing Attachment


Sherline 3200 – Indexing

Many times a machinist is required to machine features into a
part that are located in a radial pattern instead of in a line.
Examples of such features are the flats on a nut, the teeth on a
gear or the splines on a shaft. The Sherline indexing attachment is
a unique design that provides a very economical means of accurately
rotating a part so that these kinds of features can be

The attachment consists of an indexing head and a tailstock
mounted on a 12″ long dovetailed bed. Also included is a rack gear
that is used to measure radial movement, a gear tooth cutter holder
and a high-speed steel tool blank. The indexing head utilizes a
spindle with a #1 Morse taper and a 3/4-16 male thread identical to
the spindles on the Sherline lathe and milling machines. This
enables the use of all the Sherline accessories such as the
faceplate, 3- and 4-jaw chucks, Jacobs drill chuck, and centers
with the indexer. A built-in mechanism detents the spindle every
5°, and there is also a red laser engraved collar that reads
rotation in 1° increments.

The rack gear mentioned previously provides a means of
accurately positioning the spindle where positioning in other than
5° increments is required. The gear inserts into the indexing head
and engages an index gear. This transfers the rotary motion of the
spindle into linear motion that can be measured with the depth rod
of a Vernier caliper. Simple calculations then permit accurate
indexing to an infinite number of positions.

The indexing attachment can be attached directly to the table of
the Sherline milling machine, or the indexing head can be used by
itself in a horizontal position similar to a rotary table. The
indexing attachment is not recommended for use on the Sherline
lathe with the vertical milling column; however, with the use of
shims to elevate the unit high enough to clear the crosslide
handwheel, it can be done.

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Weight 24 lbs