Sherline 5335 Sherline Lathe Basics (DVD)


Sherline 5335 – Sherline Lathe Basics (DVD)

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Sherline 5335 Sherline Lathe Basics (DVD)

Mike Rehmus has put together a professional quality video that
answers virtually all the questions first time users have about
setting up and using a Sherline lathe. The 3-1/2 hour video takes
you from mounting the machine to a board to aligning the headstock.
Mike uses the example of turning a test bar to check for
straightness. He then goes through facing and boring, making a
tight-fitting hole for the test bar as a sample job. You also get
to see how he goes about using a micrometer and caliper to measure
the results as he goes along. Setting the height of the cutting
tool, holding the workpiece, and how to grind a lathe tool are
covered as well. Mike also covers backlash and how to deal with it,
how to disassemble and clean a chuck, demonstrating handwheel
technique, and how to use the optional adjustable zero

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