Sherline Super-Lube Dri-Film Aerosol Can 11oz 7555


Sherline Super-Lube Dri-Film Aerosol Can 11oz 7555

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Sherline Super-Lube Dri-Film Aerosol Can 11oz 7555

This is a synthetic grease called Super Lube with Syncolon® and is used to lubricate all our new Sherline machines with it. Sherline is now able to offer both the synthetic grease and a dry spray version as part of our their line to allow you to order it along with other Sherline products. Aside from lubricating the moving parts of your Sherline machines, you will also find many uses for these lubricants around the house or shop.

The dry spray contains PTFE. The propellant from the spray can evaporates almost immediately, leaving behind a thin, dry layer of PTFE or Teflon, one of the slipperiest substances known to man. The dry spray is excellent for use on machine slides because it doesn’t tend to cause chips stick to it. It can also be used on leadscrews, locks, linkages, cables, pumps, small gears and garage door chain or screw drives.

It comes in an 11oz aerosol can with an extension tube for pinpoint application.

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