Sherline Complete CNC Lathe System 3.5 Inch x 17 Inch 8440


Sherline Complete CNC Lathe System 3.5 Inch x 17 Inch 8440

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Sherline Complete CNC Lathe System 3.5 Inch x 17 Inch 8440

Complete CNC Lathe System

Sherline’s complete CNC package is available with a lathe instead of a mill. It includes two stepper motors fitted to stepper motor mounts on the lead screw and crosslide axes. (The tailstock spindle remains manually controlled.)

Also included is a VCS Hobbies computer with Linux and EMC preinstalled, keyboard, mouse, power supply, 4-axis driver board, and software. The most popular and practical conversion includes our long bed Model 4400 lathe with 17″ between centers.

All CNC model numbers in the 8440 series include this lathe. We can also supply the CNC system with the shorter (8″ between centers) 4000-series lathes. Model numbers in the 8400 series include this lathe.


  • Lathe with two stepper motors fitted to stepper motor mounts on the leadscrew and crosslide axes (The tailstock spindle remains manually controlled)
  • A computer with Ubuntu Linux-based OS with linuxcnc 4-axis CNC software preinstalled
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • 4-axis driver board and power supply
  • Instruction and utility CD. The CD includes complete instructions, and several free utilities to translate CAD files or TrueType fonts into G-code.
  • You supply PC monitor

Standard equipment for the CNC lathe includes:

  • A powerful 90V DC motor with electronic speed controller
  • 2.75″ (70mm) x 6.0″ (152mm) crosslide
  • 24″ (610mm) steel bed that has 17″ (431mm) between centers
  • Three Standard 1-5/8″ (41mm) laser engraved aluminum handwheels mounted on the stepper motors and tailstock. Each handwheel has laser engraved aluminum handwheel collars
  • Rocker tool post (P/N 3057) substituted for the standard tool post used on the short-bed lathes
  • Pulleys, drive belt, faceplate, lathe dog, two dead centers, three hexagonal keys, tool post, sharpened high-speed steel cutting tool, eight-foot three-wire power cord, and instruction manual

NOTE: The instructions that accompany Sherline CNC systems are written primarily for use with a mill, but due to a number of requests, we have made the system available for lathe users as well. The primary consideration when using the system with a lathe is to keep in mind that movement of a tool on the crosslide axis removes material from the RADIUS of the part, resulting in two times that amount being removed from the DIAMETER.


  • Swing Over Bed:3.50″ (90 mm)
  • Swing Over Carriage:1.75″ (45 mm)
  • Distance Between Centers:17.00″ (430 mm)
  • Hole Through Spindle:.405″ (10 mm)
  • Nose Spindle Thread:3/4″-16 T.P.I.
  • Spindle Nose Taper:#1 Morse
  • Spindle Runout of Morse Taper:.0005″ or less
  • Travel of Crosslide:4.25″ (110 mm)
  • Tailstock Spindle Taper:#0 Morse
  • Protractor Graduations:0° to 45° by 5°
  • Handwheel Graduations:.001″ (.01 mm)
  • Length Overall:36.00″ (914 mm)
  • Width Overall:11.25″ (286 mm)
  • Height Overall:8.00″ (203 mm)
  • Shipping Weight:69 lb. (31.4 kg)
  • Motor:90 volt DC with electronic speed control that accepts current from 100 VAC to 40 VAC, 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
  • Spindle Speed Range:70-2800 RPM continuously variable by electronic speed control
  • CNC stepper motor holding torque:136 oz-in
  • Maximum CNC travel speed, X and Z:22 inches/min
If you are working with brass or wood, we suggest you use the toggle switch dust cover to protect the life of your motor & speed control.

Want to UPGRADE to a Windows CNC Controller?
Introducing MASSO CNC!!

Upgrade any of your current Sherline CNC machines with Sherline’s new controller powered by MASSO. Add a 4th-axis to your controller system with a CNC rotary table. This upgrade is optional and as a result, must be purchased separately. Please contact us for more information.

The MASSO controller allows you to write your CNC programs on your computer (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.). You can then transfer your program to the controller via a USB flash drive. No more having to use a dedicated operating system like Linux to control your machine.

Main Features:

  • Controls the spindle speed with g-code: Analog spindle speed control has been standard on Sherline machines, consequently, now they have new technology on the board that controls the spindle speed using g-code rather than using an adjustable dial.
  • Adds an optical encoder to Sherline machines: MASSO designed a compact optical encoder for Sherline. This encoder design fits perfectly with their machine and their accessories
  • Does single-point threading
  • Has an accurate RPM readout
  • Limits switches
  • Homing ability for each axis
  • WiFi communication
  • Regular software upgrades: Because the Masso software is continually improving, it is extremely easy to upgrade.

Furthermore, you can upgrade any of your current Sherline CNC machines with our new controller powered by MASSO and add a 4th-axis to your controller system with a CNC rotary table. Sold separately. Please contact us for more details.

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