Sherline CNC Ready Vertical Milling Column Multi-direction 3580-CNC


Sherline CNC Ready Vertical Milling Column Multi-direction 3580

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Sherline CNC Ready Vertical Milling Column Multi-direction 3580-CNC

CNC ready Vertical Milling Column

The multi-direction vertical milling column provides all the movements of the 8-direction mill. You can swing, rotate, tilt or move the entire Z-axis column in and out for machining or drilling from just about any angle. This CNC-ready version is fitted with a stepper motor mount and coupling ready for the installation of a NEMA 23 frame size stepper motor (not included). The mount includes two flanged ball bearings and a preload nut to eliminate end play. We recommend use of a dual shaft motor so that the handwheel (included) can be used for manual control for positioning or when CNC control is not needed.

At any time, you can purchase the new Deluxe XY base, which has been designed to accept this special column. In doing so you have duplicated the 8-direction mill while enjoying the cost savings of not purchasing a second headstock and motor unit. This incremental approach allows you to start machining now and add to your shop as your projects become more demanding or your budget allows.

New Feature!

Vertical milling columns now include an oil reservoir on the saddle nut to keep the leadscrew lubricated.

This most economical way to get into milling. Most standard vertical milling operations can be performed with this attachment, with only size being the basic limitation. Conversion from the lathe to milling takes less than one minute. Almost all Sherline milling accessories may be used with the setup.

The multi-direction vertical milling column mounted on a Model 4000 lathe. The new multi-direction vertical milling column opens up many new machining possibilities. It turns the lathe into an 8-direction mill (manual model shown).

Explanation of terms

Using it in reference to the Sherline product line, a MILL COLUMN is a column for use on a mill. It is held in place on the mill base with two 1/4-20 bolts. A VERTICAL MILLING COLUMN is for use on the lathe to add a milling capability. It has a large hole in the center which fits over the headstock pin on the lathe base and is held in place with a set screw. The lathe’s headstock/motor/speed control unit is relocated from the pin on the base to the pin on the vertical milling column saddle.

All vertical milling column bases now have both size holes. One is the single hole for the pin AND the two holes for use on a mill base. This useful for either application. Normally one can use mill columns on a mill base.

NOTE: CNC-ready machines cannot operate manually until stepper motors are installed.


Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 6 in

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