White Ensign 1/350 Naval Figures Photoetch Enhancement Parts


White Ensign Models 1/350 Naval Figures Photoetch Enhancement Parts

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White Ensign 1/350 Naval Figures Photoetch Enhancement Parts

White Ensign models Naval Figures Photoetch add-ons makes your model ship museum quality.

This is similar to Gold Medal Models Naval (GMM) 350-1D Naval Ship Decals, 350-5D Navy Jet Canopy Decals, 700-17 Naval Figures, 700-1D Naval Ship Decals, 700-3d Naval Aircraft Insignia decals, 700-1 Naval ship, 700-1D Naval Ship Decals, 700-3D Naval Aircraft Insignia Decals, and 192-1D Naval Ship Decals.

White Ensign Models (WEM) includes more details for a more realistic model.

This set contains:

  •  100 figures in various poses relief etched on both sides in extra thick brass
  •   Flight deck crew in helmets

Below related instructions about White Ensign Models Naval:

  • Do not remove the etched parts from the fret until you are ready to use them.
  • Before assembly, soak the etched parts in a suitable solvent, such as white spirit, to de-grease the surfaces for painting. It is recommended that the entire fret be primed
    with an acrylic automotive primer, such as Halfords Grey Primer before assembling any of the parts.
  • Cyanoacrylate adhesive (super glue) or contact adhesive such as a white PVA glue may be used. These can be applied with a pin or piece of stretched sprue.
  • When removing parts from the fret, place the fret on a hard surface, such as a smooth ceramic tile, in order to prevent parts bending whilst cutting through the holding
    tabs. We suggest t using a No.10 rounded type of modelling knife blade for this purpose.
  •  When shaping or bending a part, a straight edged blade such as a chisel blade will give a good sharp corner. If a part is bent incorrectly, lay it on a hard flat surface and
    roll it flat with a cylindrical object such as a modelling knife handle.

Accordingly, we suggest you purchase our Photoetch Bender Tools for easy assembly.

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Weight 0.35 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in

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