Z Trains Cut Stone Bridge Abutments ZTR-100 – Z Scale


Z Trains Cut Stone Bridge Abutments ZTR-100

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Z Trains Cut Stone Bridge Abutments ZTR-100

Z Trains cast accessories come in their natural gray gypsum color. We’ve included painted and weathered version images here to represent suggested color schemes.

Designed around the Micro-Trains Line through girder bridge, our cut stone abutment set shows its age beautifully! The face texture of the stone is taken from an actual slate surface for added realism. The large cut stones are scale accurate and aged to show years of facing the elements.

The Micro-Trains Line bridge has a thin molded plate on each corner of the bridge representing a bridge shoe. We’ve designed our abutment taking this bridge shoe into account so the connecting track pieces sit flat with a slight bridge “stop” for easier bridge placement.

Our castings come in their natural gray color. These pieces are cast using a high strength modified gypsum and then oven cured for maximum strength. We suggest applying a light coat of flat white spray primer to act as a sealing coat to your model. By applying a light coat of primer before you add your colors and weathering, you ensure yourself an even and stable color “canvas” for your paint, washed and weathering.

Product Details:

  • Material: Abutments are cast in high strength gypsum and oven cured for maximized durability.
  • Color: Natural gray gypsum color.
  • Height : From the base to the “shelf” the Micro-Trains Line bridge sits on, height is 1.45″.
  • Shown are two examples of painted and finished pieces. Paint is not included.

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Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in