Sherline 1/4 Inch HSS Cutting Tool Left Hand 11960


Sherline 1/4 Inch HSS Cutting Tool Left Hand 11960


Sherline 1/4 Inch HSS Cutting Tool Left Hand 11960

1/4 Inch HSS Cutting Tool

Featuring Sherline’s 1/4 Inch HSS Cutting Tool. The high-speed steel tool is for use in higher hotter temperatures. As a result, it is a tool perfect for cutting without losing its hardness or temper. 1/4 Inch square.

Lathe tools, or tool bits as they are sometimes called, are the cutting tools that are used for turning and facing work on the lathe. The tools are made of high-speed tool steel (HSS). As a consequence, these are the most popular lathe tools. They can be used for machining most materials including wood, plastic, aluminum, brass and steel.  The tool blanks are relatively inexpensive and because of their low price, they can be purchased in quantities.

Sharpening the HSS Cutting Tool

These tools will retain their hardness at temperatures up to 1000° F. (588° C.). For this reason, depth of cut, cutting speed and feed rates are important. The big advantage of high-speed steel tools is the ease with which you can sharpen it. You can use a standard aluminum oxide grinding wheel to shape and sharpen the tool. Because of this, it will retain its cutting edge for a long time.

NOTE: The tool’s name is related to the direction from which the chip leaves the tool; so a right-hand tool has its cutting edge on the left and the chip peels off to the right.

Additional information

Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 3 in

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