Sherline 11920 Carbide Right Hand Tool


Sherline 11920 – Carbide Right Hand Tool

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Sherline 11920 Carbide Right Hand Tool

About 1/4″ Brazed Tip Carbide Tools

Carbide tools have a small piece of tough carbide brazed to the tip of a softer steel shank. These tools are recommended for cutting hard or abrasive materials. Carbide tools can retain their hardness at temperatures up to approximately 1700°. This permits a higher cutting speed and faster feed rates.

They are typically harder to sharpen than their HSS counterparts. A silicon carbide or diamond grinding wheel must be used. The shape of carbide tools is also more critical than the shape of high-speed steel cutters, but their cutting ability on tough or abrasive materials makes them very popular. If you are cutting a material that quickly dulls your HSS cutters, you will find carbide tools might be just what you need.

NOTE: A tool is named by the direction from which the chip leaves the tool; so a left-hand tool has its cutting edge on the right and the chip peels off to the left.

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Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2 in