Sherline Combination Multi Wrench Tool 3022


Sherline Combination Multi Wrench Tool 3022


Sherline Combination Multi Wrench Tool 3022

Sherline Combination Multi Wrench Tool

This tool is designed to combine four hex head fastener sizes. The ones used on Sherline lathes and mills into one handy tool. No more searching around for the right wrench to make adjustments. Sizes are: 1/4″, 7/16″, 3/8″ and 11/16″ (17mm). The tool itself is a 1/4″ steel plate and has a tough black oxide coating to keep it from rusting.

Keep it handy! You can make any needed adjustment on a Sherline tool without having to search for the right size wrench.

Sherline Tools

VcsHobbies carries only the best! We offer Sherline’s entire line of accessories to expand the capabilities of your miniature machine shop! We have accessories for Sherline Lathes, Sherline Mills and other tools to compliment your Sherline machines.

VcsHobbies also carries how-to DVD’s as well as how-to books to help you along with your projects.  Sherline’s owner, Joe Martin, has written a book that gives you not just the “hows”, but also the “whys” of machining practices. Being a hobbyist himself as well as a manufacturer, Joe is familiar with the needs of both the home shop machinist and the commercial production facility. His insights offer a unique and practical perspective on the equipment and processes of machining at both extremes…from intricate miniature machining projects to full-size shop production tools and practices.

A Complete Guide to Miniature Machine Tools

In his book Table Top Machining, you will find information on selecting materials; using a lathe and a mill; measuring tools; cutting tools; using accessories for threading, indexing, and gear-cutting; setting up a home shop and more. Several simple projects are provided for beginning machinists. A photo gallery of superb miniature projects will inspire you and show what these small but mighty machines can really do. A history of Sherline tools is written from the point of view of giving you some guidance if you’ve ever thought of taking a product of your own to market. This is a high-quality book that will be equally at home on your coffee table or shop workbench. The book has received many positive reviews from magazine editors and home shop machinists alike. It sold out in its first year and is now in its second printing.

Book is sold separately, email us for more info.  8-1/2″ x 11″, softbound with “lay-flat” binding, full color, 344 pages, 400+ color photos, 200+ illustrations.

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