Sherline 55 Degree Carbide Insert for 7610 Holder 7612


Sherline 55 Degree Carbide Insert for 7610 Holder 7612


Sherline 55 Degree Carbide Insert for 7610 Holder 7612

55 Degree Carbide Insert For the obsolete 55° Negative Rake Insert Tool Holder, P/N 7610

This is the replacement carbide insert for the P/N 7610 55° Negative Rake Insert Holder. Though not inexpensive, when you consider you are getting four cutting tools in one and are saving a lot of time in tool sharpening, it is really a pretty good deal.

55 Degree Carbide Insert

Carbide inserts are made up of indexable pieces of carbide that have been cemented. Carbide cutters give good finishes on hard-to-machine materials such as cold rolled steel. They will also work on aluminum, brass or leaded steels, and will last practically forever; however, the best finishes on those materials involve a good, sharp high-speed steel tool. Carbide will withstand a higher temperature than let’s say a high speed steel tool would.

Carbide inserts are usually used on nonferrous materials as well as on cast iron, high-temperature alloys and machining steels.


Insert Style DNMG 331 F1
ISO Number DNMG 110404-F1
Insert I.C. 3/8
T .187
R .015
Grade VP5615

More on the new Valenite Steel Turning Grades

These new grades signify the improvement of the cutters surface speed rates on many applications. Improvement without loss of life of the cutter was shown in 70 percent of the applications that were tested.  This ensures the maximum productivity for the machinist. The Sherline 55° cutter has a VP5615 grade. This grade means the cutter is good for semi-finish and finishing operations in carbon and alloy steels. It is also great for certain cast iron applications.

Additional information

Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in