Sherline 8mm Collet Adapter 1165


Sherline 8.0mm Collet Adapter 1165

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Sherline 8mm Collet Adapter 1165

Sherline 8mm Collet Adapter 1165

8mm Collet Adapter for Rotary and Mill Tables

The 8.0mm collet fixture mounts either on the surface of the rotary table or on the mill table. A knurled ring allows tightening of the WW collets without the use of a drawbolt from the back. This is particularly useful for clockmakers. Great for gearcutting on a gear blank with a pinion shaft attached that can be held in a collet.

Comes with a bushing that fits into the center hole of the rotary table. It helps locate the fixture on center. T-nuts and attaching screws are also provided for clamping the fixture in place in the rotary table or mill table T-slots.

WW Collets

WW collets vary somewhat in size depending on manufacturer. The 1164 adapter holds collets made by Sherline and others with a .312-.313″ body size and .275-40 thread, which we refer to as WW collets. Other common “WW” collets have a body size of .314-.315, which we refer to as “8.0 mm” collets.

A fixture for these collets is also available as P/N 1165. It looks identical except that it is has a groove machined around the body. If you are using a brand of collets other than Sherline, measure the body diameter with a micrometer before deciding which collet fixture to order.

This holder comes in two different sizes. The 8 mm holder (P/N 1165) takes collets made by other manufacturers that measure 0.314″ to 0.315″ OD. Sherline WW collets (sold separately) measure 0.312″ to 0.313″ and use the P/N 1164 holder. If you use non-Sherline collets, be sure to check their size before ordering this fixture. The 8 mm holder has a slight V-groove machined around the cylinder of the holder. The WW holder has no groove.

Using the Collet Fixture

A WW or 8 mm collet (depending on model) is inserted into the center hole from the top, making sure to align the collet with the drive pin inside to avoid damaging the collet threads. The pin is held in place with LocTite® and can be adjusted or removed if necessary.

A thread in the center of the knurled ring engages the collet and pulls it down into the taper to close the collet on the part when the ring is rotated in a counterclockwise direction. To release the collet, simply rotate the ring clockwise.

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