Sherline Mill CNC Upgrade Kit with Stepper Motors (no computer) 6706


Sherline Mill CNC Upgrade Kit with Stepper Motors (no computer) 6706


Sherline Mill CNC Upgrade Kit with Stepper Motors (no computer) 6706

Mill CNC Upgrade Kit for 2000 Mill

If you already have a Sherline mill and would like the components needed to add stepper motors and upgrade it to CNC, but you want to use your own computer, this kit will make it easier for you. Included will be a retrofit kit to add stepper motor mounts to the X, Y, and Z axes of your mill. A new Z-axis leadscrew is included, while the X and Y screws are reused. Also included are three standard stepper motors with plugs and a 4-axis driver box. The 4-axis driver box includes a power supply and all cables necessary to connect with your computer and with your 3 stepper motors. Also included is the Sherline Linux/EMC control program on CD should you wish to install it on your computer.


If you are converting a manual mill to CNC, you will also need to purchase the Mill CNC Z-Axis Backlash Adjustment Kit to upgrade your Z-axis saddle nut.

Each upgrade kit will include the following in addition to the stepper motors and driver box

  • 3 stepper motor mounts
  • CNC  Z-axis Screw
  • 2 CNC-RH Coupling Preload Nuts
  • CNC-LH Coupling Preload Nut
  • CNC Template, Bed Bushing
  • CNC Template, Slide Bushing
  • All the nuts and screws for motor mount attachment
  • Conversion and assembly instructions

NOTE: Any new Sherline machine can also be ordered from the factory with stepper motor mounts already installed.

Attaching a Stepper Motor to the Mount

Sherline stepper motors come with a flat surface machined on the shaft in the proper location. If you are using another stepper motor, a flat must be filed or machined where the coupling set screw is to be tightened against it. See the cross-section on the instruction sheet for location of the flat. File a flat or use your mill to machine a flat on the shaft. (If a flat is not provided, the set screw will raise a burr, making it difficult or impossible to remove the shaft from the hole later.)

Push the shaft into the coupling and tighten the set screw on the flat. Attach the stepper motor to the mount using the three SHCS provided. The fourth hole can be used for a “cable tie” to secure the cable or for a fourth screw at your discretion. Attach a handwheel to the shaft on the other end of the stepper motor

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 14 in