Sherline Mill XY Base 5200


Sherline Mill XY Base 5200

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Sherline Mill XY Base 5200

Mill XY Base Inch

NOTE: Photo shows 5401 base. Others are similar with differences noted below.

If you already own a vertical milling column (P/N 3050/3053, 3480/3485 or 3580/3585) for use with your lathe, but feel a sturdier base with a larger work area would be to your advantage, you may purchase the base of any of our vertical mills as an XY base. If necessary, your older vertical milling column can be returned to the factory to be remachined and used with an XY base rather than purchasing the entire vertical milling machine. (Call for price.) (Vertical milling columns made after 1995 do not need to be modified.)

This combination saves you the amount of money included in the cost of the vertical mill for the column, but gives you the same machine less headstock and motor/speed control. XY bases have also found their way into the industrial market and are used in various manufacturing setups. Each of the three mills is available as an XY base.

P/N (inch/metric):5200/5210

WEIGHT : 19 lbs.

TRAVEL: X=9.0″ (228 mm), Y=3.0″ (76 mm)

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in