Sherline Radius Left Cutter Support 22110


Sherline Radius Left Cutter Support 22110


Sherline Radius Left Cutter Support 22110

Sherline Radius Left Cutter Support 22110

This is a replacement part of sherline Radius Cutting Attachment 2200.

The radius cutting attachment swings a tool through an arc to put a radius on the end of a part.

The pivot points and tool position are adjustable, so it is capable of cutting either a concave or convex shape.

It came about as a result of studying the method used to shape grinding wheels.

Conventional thinking says that lathe tools should move parallel to the tool’s longitudinal axis or horizontally across it.

Once it was realized that the tool could also be pivoted vertically on this axis, the design of this tool became much easier to conceive.

Believe it or not, a technician with a need to cut an accurate radius to make prosthetic eyeballs got us started on putting this tool into production. Now anyone with a need to put a nice looking radius on the end of a part can benefit from the way this accessory makes it easy.

Note that the width of this attachment requires that your Sherline lathe have a 6″ crosslide table. Older lathes that have the 4″ table will not be wide enough. You can upgrade your lathe to the 6″ table by ordering the following parts and changing tables: 6″ Crosslide tableinch or metric leadscrew or the crosslide assembly. All other parts transfer from your old table. Changing tables is very easy.

The radius cutting tool attaches to the crosslide table. It is pivoted up and down instead of moved side-to-side as is traditional for cutting on a lathe.

It makes what could otherwise be a difficult task easy.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 3 in

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