Sherline T7 Torx Wrench 22580


Sherline T7 Torx Wrench 22580


Sherline T7 Torx Wrench 22580

Sherline T7 Torx  Wrench 22580

This is a replacement part.

Torx screws are typically used in vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, computer systems, hard disk drives and consumer electronics.

The unusual star-shaped head makes them far more secure than regular flat-head or cross-head screws and allows higher torque transmission so screws and bolts can be tightened more securely.

A Torx key is for tightening and undoing fasteners , bolts and screws.

While Torx keys are more generally sold as sets with different types available for various circumstances.

Information about the wrench:

  • Fits all Star and TORX
  • Chamfered tool tips eliminate burrs and help tools seat in screw head
  • Sharp corners transfer more torque to the screw and reduce stripping
  • Precision machined for ease of use and superior fit

Torx wrenches are essential for servicing and repairing modern electronics including computers, monitors, televisions, phones and more.

Additional information

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 3 in

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