Sherline Quick Change Tool post Lefthand Cam 22520


Sherline Quick Change Toolpost Lefthand Cam 22520


Sherline Quick Change Tool post Lefthand Cam 22520

Sherline Quick Change Tool post Lefthand Cam 22520

The biggest one in a set is the quick change tool post, which is designed to replace the original 4-way tool post on your lathe. All other holders in this set will eventually be installed on the tool post. This is a replacement part.

General Information:

The tool post body and holders are machined from steel, case hardened and coated with a black oxide finish. This provides a very durable product that should provide generations of service if cared for. Two dovetails are provided on the tool post so holders can be mounted in a choice of positions.

The individual holders are locked in place with a cam against a dovetailed slide that is tightened using the same hex key used for many other Sherline operations.

The tool post is mounted to the lathe table using the same T-nut arrangement as the standard Sherline tool post. A secondary clamp is also provided and may be used to ensure the tool post doesn’t move

The tool holder is then slipped over the appropriate dovetail on the tool post. The height of the tool tip is adjusted using the knurled handwheel. The cutting tip of the tool should be set to the centerline of the lathe by bringing the tool tip up to a Morse dead center in either the headstock or tailstock spindle.

Once the height is set, lock the knurled wheel in position with the hex nut. The holder can now be removed and replaced and the tool will remain at the proper height

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3 in

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