Sherline W.R. Smith T-Rest 2110


Sherline 2110 – W.R. Smith T-Rest

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Sherline W.R. Smith T-Rest 2110

Sherline W.R. Smith T-Rest 2110

A T-rest is used by watchmakers to support a handheld cutting
tool called a “graver”. World-renowned watch- and clockmaker,
William R. Smith has designed a T-rest especially for the Sherline
lathe. It is constructed from solid steel and clamps to the lathe?s
bed in seconds. If you are interested in watch or clock repair or
construction but wanted a tool system more versatile and less
expensive than a jeweler?s lathe, this T-rest makes a Sherline
lathe a most attractive choice.A graver can also be used by any
metalworker for hand turning unique shapes on the lathe. It looks
similar to a small wood-turning tool and is used in a similar
fashion while rested on the T-rest. To learn more about using the
T-rest and about how to make your own graver, see the links

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