Sherline Follower Rest 1090


Sherline 1090 – Follower Rest

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Sherline Follower Rest 1090

The purpose of the follower rest is to keep long or small diameter work from deflecting when a cutting tool is applied to it. It is attached to the lathe saddle and moves as the saddle moves, keeping the point of support directly behind the cutting tool. This helps you maintain accuracy on long cuts and on small diameter stock. The follower rest is mounted to the lathe saddle with one 10-32 set screw. It is not necessary to drill any mounting holes, and full instructions are provided for use. A support bar is attached to the table using a T-nut in the table slot. The support and T-nut are also provided. A small set screw adjustment at the end of the support presses down on the follower base to keep it from rising. It slides along the top of the follower base, allowing the tool post and tool to be moved in and out while still keeping downward pressure on the follower rest.

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