Sherline Steady Rest 1074


Sherline 1074 – Steady Rest


Sherline Steady Rest 1074

Sherline Steady Rest 1074

All materials have a tendency to deflect away from the cutting
tool when you are turning them in a lathe. This tendency is
especially noticeable on long, slender parts and long pieces of bar
stock, which makes it quite difficult to hold close tolerances. The
best way to support a long part is with a center mounted in the
tailstock. However, for one reason or another this is not always
possible. As an example, it may be a piece of stock that you want
to center drill so that you can mount it between centers, or it may
be a part where a center drill hole would ruin the looks of the
part. Whatever the reason, steady rests provide a means of
supporting the part during a cut. Another advantage of the steady
rest that is often overlooked is the fact that work held in
position by the rest turns concentrically with its outside
diameter. This means that concentricity is assured when working
near the steady rest, because, at that point, it must be running
perfectly true despite imperfections in how it is chucked or
centered at either end.

The Sherline steady rest has three adjustable brass blades
mounted in a holder that mounts on the bed of the lathe. These
blades can be adjusted to the diameter of the part to provide
necessary support.

The Sherline steady rest will accommodate any size part up to
1.75″ (44mm) in diameter.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs

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