AZL Delaware & Hudson Alco #4122 Locomotive (63309-2)


AZL Delaware & Hudson Alco 63309-2 #4122 Locomotive

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AZL Delaware & Hudson Alco #4122 Locomotive (63309-2)

Delaware & Hudson Alco 63309-2

VCS Hobbies is an authorized AZL dealer. AZL has released a vast variety of freight, passenger and locomotives. American Z Line continues to push the boundaries of Z scale with amazing details and incredible performance. No matter if you are looking to run steam, or the most modern diesels, AZL has something for you.

AZL is excited to announce an ALCO RS3 locomotives! These popular locomotives feature a 7.5mm coreless motor, dual flywheels, traction tires, built-in pilot, directional controller LED and, body mount couplers. The coupler box is screwed in placed.

The D&Hs prototype details include: Phase I Body, Body mounted Number boards, ALCO AAR Trucks, Single Headlight, Three-Chime Airhorn, Crosswise Smokestack and 1400 Gallon Fuel Tank.

Also available (sold separately) from the Mikado series:

  • AZL D & H Alco 63309-1 #4120 Locomotive
  • AZL D & H Alco 63309-2 #4122 Locomotive
  • AZL D & H Alco 63309-3 #4127 Locomotive

We have the FULL line of AZL Locomotives and Cars – Email us to check stock

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Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in

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