Sherline 1288 Riser Rocker Tool Post


Sherline 1288 Riser Rocker Tool Post

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Sherline 1288 Riser Rocker Tool Post

The riser tool post is used to bring the cutting tool back to lathe centerline height when using a riser block to raise the headstock to turn larger parts. This particular tool post has a convenient “rocker” design that allows adjustment of the tool tip height.

The cutting edge of a lathe tool should be set right on or just slightly below the centerline of the part being machined. With new lathe tools, this is not a problem, because Sherline tool posts are made to hold them at the correct height. Older tools that have been sharpened numerous times may require shimming to bring the cutting tip up to the correct height.

The Sherline rocker tool post is designed to eliminate the need for shimming. The height of the cutting edge can be changed by simply adjusting the two clamping screws. This inexpensive accessory reduces setup time and also extends that life and usefulness of your old lathe tools.

If you wish to purchase both the riser block and the riser rocker tool post as a package, see the P/N 1291 headstock spacer block kit.

Size:1 /14″ x 1 1/4″ x 2 47/64

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